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Music Production

Original song production, remixes

The goal of a remix is to expand the audience of an artist. When you order a remix, think of targeting DJs rather than creating an alternative version of your song. Dance music is more accessible for independent artists to enter than commercial Pop. It is easier to chart on a Dance chart than on a Pop chart. It is easer to release a Dance song on a Dance music record label. In fact, Dance music producers release music on multiple labels until they are signed exclusively to one.


When you target DJs, think about the genres they play. Would it be Deep House, Tech House, Big Room, or maybe Disco? It is easier to add an unknown artist to a DJ set in Dance genres, rather than Top40 Pop. Ideally you should target multiple genres and let DJs choose the right remix for their set. DJs often specialize in particular genres.


If you remix get released on Beatport and uploaded to DJ pools, there is a chance DJs will discover your song and add it to their set without any expensive promotion from your end. Many top artists these days release a song with multiple remixes targeting different genres.


Feel free to contact me and my team of DJ producers to remix your songs today.

DJ Service

Fashion DJ, Event DJ

If you are a fashion or cosmetic store, big or small business, hotel, gallery, restaurant or a bar, please feel free to contact me about my DJ service.

I play Deep House, which is perfect to create an atmosphere for luxurious events, products and venues.

I play modern and old-school Hip-Hop, Disco, and  Top40 Pop for dispensaries and retail.

I play high energy Tech House at events where people want to dance.

My travel distance is up to 2 hours outside of Los Angeles.

Dolby Atmos

Mixing in Dolby Atmos studio with a 7.1.4 setup

When people ask me about immersive audio, I always tell them - switching from Dolby Atmos to stereo sounds the same as switching from stereo to mono. Once you work in immersive audio, you never want to go back to stereo.

Music in Dolby Atmos is still quite new in the music industry. We are the generation of producers and engineers that is going to establish future standards of immersive audio mixing.

There are no rules, and there are many ways of doing it. The best results can be achieved if you stay open for experiments and stay detached from your original stereo mix. Let your engineer explore the full potential of Dolby Atmos.

Not every song would benefit from Atmos though. Let your engineer choose a song from your catalogue that will benefit from an immersive audio mix. Songs with vocal layers, a lot of sound effects and arpeggiated instruments are the best candidates for Dolby Atmos.

Contact me today about your next immersive audio mix.

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